This contest has two main purposes: to provide fun for contestants, and to raise funds for the One Acre Fund. The winner of the contest will receive 25% of all funds raised, while the other 75% will be donated to the charity.


Entrants may make multiple submissions, but in such cases, only the last submission will be scored. The winner will be the entrant with the highest score. In the event of a tie, the entrant whose submission was received first will be declared the winner.


Each question is intimately concerned with the title of the test. Questions are not in order or difficulty.


Entries should be sent to timro21@gmail.com with 12345 entry in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is midnight GMT on 28th February 2019.


The entry fee is US$12, payable by clicking on this Paypal icon.



1) 3,3,5,4,?

2) 0,2,24,252,????

3) 6,19,20,6,?

4) 201,300,410,310,???

5) 2,7,1,3,?

6) 5,15,5,18,?

7) 001,010,00011,0000,????

8) 12,21,32,22,??

9) 72,60,59,88,??

10) 12,03,32,13,??

11) 6,12,30,-6,??

12) 1,2,6,24,???

13) 2,5,5,4,?

14) 21,2,20,17,??

15) 123,246,369,492,???

16) 1050,6900,72000,34020,????



The questions in this test are available in pdf form here. The contest has been designed by, and is being conducted by, Tim Roberts, whose decision is final. I am contactable at the email address timro21@gmail.com.