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What is the purpose of the site? To encourage thought and discussion of some of the outstanding problems in number theory, logic and cryptography.


How come so many outstanding problems are missing? This site makes no attempt to provide an exhaustive list, which would in any case be gargantuan. It concentrates only on problems which are easily understandable to the amateur.


Where can I find more comprehensive lists? At the MathWorld site, at http://mathworld.wolfram.com/, and at the Millennium Prizes site, at http://www.claymath.org/millennium-problems, and at lots of other places.


What if I want to suggest other problems for your site? Suggestions are very welcome. But to be eligible here, please note that the problem must be such as can be understood by an amateur, and describable on a single web page (with a diagram or two if necessary). Email me here.


What do I do if I want to publish an article on the Unsolved Problems web site? You are strongly encouraged to submit your article to a recognized conference or journal and have it peer-reviewed. A comprehensive list of number theory journals can be found here. If you want to have it published on this site and available to all for three years, then email me here, but please note that you will be asked to submit a fee of US$49.


Why do you charge a fee? To discourage kooks. Every famous mathematician and scientist regularly receives many emails suggesting designs for solutions to the problem of trisecting the angle, or squaring the circle, despite the fact that these have been *proved* to be impossible. The fee is high enough, I hope, to discourage kooks, but low enough so as not to discourage genuine contributions.


So do you expect to make a lot of money? Far from it. On the contrary, I don't expect revenues to come remotely near to even covering the cost of maintaining this site.


OK, I still want to publish my article on the Unsolved Problems web site. What do I do? Email me with your contribution as an attachment (Word, rtf, or pdf document preferred), and pay the fee for publication (US$49). If you want to pay via PayPal (the simplest and safest way), where you can use Visa or Mastercard, just click the icon here.







Your article will be published on the Solutions page on this site, and hence open to scrutiny by all, for a period of three years. The only requirement is that anything you submit must be less than 10MB in size, must address the problem in a serious manner, and must not be inflammatory or libelous.


Can I change my article once published? You can submit up to two revised versions of your paper for a period of one week following initial publication. Changes beyond this will incur an additional fee.


What rights do I retain if you publish my article? You retain complete rights over all words, ideas, concepts, and diagrams in your article. Publication here does not take any of your rights away at all. On the contrary, because all articles are published in full, with your own name (or pseudonym, if you prefer), and date and time of submission, your rights are established.


I don't want to publish a paper, but I'd like to discuss some ideas. Where can I do that? At the companion group, https://groups.io/g/UnsolvedProblems/topics. You can post to the group by sending a message to unsolvedproblems@groups.io. Questions and feedback are welcomed.


Why is the group moderated? To prevent abuse and spam. Genuine contributions will be approved wherever possible, and messages will normally appear within 24 hours of being posted.


Can I contact you privately? Sure, just email me.



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