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Prizes of US$2,000 and a bottle of champagne are currently on offer from the developer of this web site for the solution to 20 of the 24 problems listed. The only exceptions are the ABC Conjecture (at the time of writing, there is already a proposed solution), the Dorabella Cipher and the Zodiac Cipher (already solved), and the 4D Euler Brick (which may or may not admit of an easy proof). Proposed solutions to all other unsolved problems are eligible.


To be eligible for a prize of US$2,000 and a bottle of champagne:

(1) the solution must be published on the Unsolved Problems web site prior to any acceptance by a peer-reviewed journal or conference. If in doubt as to eligibility, please contact me and I will make a determination before you submit your fee. Once published on the site, the author may seek publication elsewhere, without restriction, as desired; and

(2) the solution as published on the Unsolved Problems web site must be generally accepted by the mathematics community within 18 months of first publication.

Whether or not these two conditions have been met will be determined entirely by the developer of the Unsolved Problems web site, whose decision is final.



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